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2005's "8MM 2"
Posted 12/20/2018 9:25 AM

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"8MM 2" scene: Tish and Risa (lesbian dance) Faded - runs 2:36

This film came out 13-years ago, but I just now watched it for the first time. Basically, it's about this guy who works for the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, Hungary - and he's engaged to be married to this hot blonde girl who is also a wealthy heiress - her name is Tish (played by pretty 32-year old Lori Heuring) - anyway, the above you-tube clip is from a scene in that film where the couple hits this dance-club where a beautiful brunette woman named Risa (played by 26-year old actress Zita Görög) unexpectedly begins slow-dancing VERY SEDUCTIVELY with Tish on the dance floor! IT'S NICE!

Anyway, without getting too much into the plot (it's really not all that great), the young couple find themselves blackmailed, and pretty blonde Tish ends up visiting several of these decadent Hungarian "sex clubs" frequented by beautiful nude young women who are there to cater to wealthy older men. I couldn't help thinking what an AWESOME scene it would have been if Tish had only visited an exclusive LESBIAN CLUB filled with beautiful nude young women socializing (and slow-dancing with) older, wealthy lesbian women!

The ONLY times you'll ever see anything like these above scenes are always EXCLUSIVELY at male-only Gentlemen's Clubs - isn't it high-time for some creative film director to create a decadent dance-club catering exclusively to wealthy/decadent LESBIAN LADIES with a taste for beautiful nude younger girls? - I mean, how hot would that be? Pretty nude young women sauntering sensually about the room, inviting gentle caresses from the older women - before pairing off and visiting private rooms together for erotic lap-dances and/or whatever the decadent older women have in mind?

- XXX-porny-videos only show women together in bars dressed in porn-clothing and flaunting their bodies for the camera instead of their showing any prurient interest in beautiful nude girls!

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