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Amusingly porny
Posted 6/25/2017 11:48 AM
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Supreme Being

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Apropos of nothing in particular, I just came across a WhenGirlsPlay scene from a few years ago that I thought was entertainly porny.

Features Jelena Jensen as a housewife (? - but nicely housewifey dress anyway and Jelana is always both pretty and well dressed - does she bring her own wardrobe?) who is having problems with the plumbing in her kitchen. Enter Dylan Ryder as a plumber, wearing hot pants and a croptop that barely reaches below her nipples. Dylan starts investigating the underside of the sink and Jelena starts admiring the thong that is thus displayed. Water spurts. Croptop - what there is of it - gets soaked, and the two of them get intimate.

The sex is ok - Dylan runs her hands over Jelena in a nicely sensuous way, etc.

But the whole thing is memorably charming. It must have been fun to make, because the whole thing is so OTT even by the standards of porn role-playing.

- smat
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