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Drew Barrymore commentary
Posted 11/2/2016 4:32 PM

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Okay, so I've purchased the "Family Guy" volume-five DVD set, and I'm watching the episode titled "Whistle While your Wife Works" on disc #1, and listening to the optional commentary, which includes creator Seth MacFarlane, his writers, and guest-star Drew Barrymore (who voices Jillian Russell).

For those of you not familiar with this show, Jillian is the beautiful blonde one-time girlfriend of Brian, the family dog. She's a complete airhead, and the only reason Brian liked her so much was because she was so hot! In this particular episode, Jillian makes her first-ever appearance, which is apparently why they invited Drew Barrymore to join them on the commentary track.

Anyway, the ONLY REASON why I'm bringing this up here & now, on this forum, is because of something Drew said when discussing people who have sex with hot women regardless of their intelligence.

SETH: "The idea is that Brian was dating a girl who is just so unbelievably beautiful, but at the same time, so incredibly stupid... but because she was so hot, and he was getting laid, he couldn't bring himself to break-up with her, even though he was horribly embarrassed to have her around anyone he knew... and we've all been in that situation!"


ONE OF THE WRITERS: "Especially Drew!"


DREW BARRYMORE: "Yes... yes, I've slept with so many chicks...that I, I just couldn't stop having sex with them... because they were so HOT!"

I'm sorry, but the image in my head of Drew Barrymore having sex with a number of pretty, airhead-girls is an INCREDIBLY GOOD ONE, and I only wish that it was actually true!

- one of the writers immediately added: "this is now officially the best commentary we've ever done!"
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