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New to the forum!
Posted 4/16/2016 1:57 PM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Aristide wrote: "Jane Fonda demonstrated another way to do this in the old "Barbarella" movie, playing a character so innocent she didn't know there was supposed to be anything wrong with these strange things people wanted to do with her."

Jane looked INCREDIBLY HOT in that film, didn't she? I especially loved the way that the evil, dominant/predatory villainous lesbian-queen (played to perfection by Anita Pallenberg) kept wanting to touch & caress Jane's scantily-clad body. It's just too bad that she never took charge of her completely, as I suspect it would have been awesome!

Austro wrote: "I'm not sure how to embed gifs, but for those who haven't seen the kathy showers or bo derek scenes..."

Anytime a film includes a campy plot involving native women forcibly stripping a beautiful girl completely nude and then BATHING her gorgeous body, it's going to be GREAT!

I can't believe that nobody making girl/girl videos has tried this - I mean, can you imagine a tribe of native women laughing & smiling as they rip the clothing off of a beautiful girl like Samantha Rone, completely ignoring her feeble protests, as they then sensually bathe her luscious nude body, before then presenting her for the pleasure of their decadent/evil female queen? Such an encounter would be beyond YOWZERS HOT!

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