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VIV THOMAS collection
Posted 1/20/2017 1:20 PM
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I am selling off my VIV THOMAS collection, some are PAL all region but play in most North American players

$8usd each
for whole collection=$130 usd(shipping not included)

Unfaithful 1-6 (6 is NTSC) $40usd
Club Pink Velvet THE BEGINNING(ntsc)
Days without Youth(Lisa & Lola)
Hot Silk
I Dream of Jo True Passion
I Dream of Jo 2
I Dream of Jo 3 Desire and Deception(ntsc)
Intimacy-A Lesbian Affair
Jo and Blue Angle
Leila-A Lesbian Fantasy(2 disc, missing cover)
Lisa and Blue Angel
No Fear in Love
Shade of Blue
Shell Girls(NTSC)
Tides of Lust

email me at mugato@supernet.ca if interested in any
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