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Looking for VT's Unfaithful #3
Posted 8/27/2015 11:50 AM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Does anyone have this DVD available for sale? They're out of stock at Lezlove.


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Posted 10/5/2015 12:39 PM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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I've purchased several hard to find oop vids from this site with great success, what's really important for me though is that videos from this site are in the PAL format, you'll get a little better picture quality than the NTSC converted versions in the states.
But I use computers to watch my DVD's, my computer doesn't know the difference between PAL and NTSC, I don't know how a PAL DVD will play in a typical American DVD player! Assuming you're in the states of course.
Actually I've just noticed that particular video is 16:9 and usually VT vids are about the same quality no matter the format in widescreen mode, it's the older vids where you'll notice a big difference.
Sorry for rambling on so much.
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