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Dana Vespoli Karlie Montana Lesbian Ass Worship
Posted 1/20/2018 1:24 PM
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Lovely scene Karlie is wearing very sexy latex chaps and Dana is ogling her. What makes the start of this scene so great is its clear Dana is very turned on breathing heavily and saying "oh my God" over and over as Karlie wiggles her ass in Danas face wearing the shiny latex chaps at her giggling away looking over her shoulder at Dana.
Dana blurts out "I just have to admire you before I destroy you" and breathes heavily again.

Its a fun scene with Dana sucking Karlies feet, armpits, burying her face deep in her ass and just being horny kissing her all over ravashing a young woman shes clearly horny for. Karlies latex chaps are very sexy.

Its something I wish there was more of in porn is one woman admiring another in a sexy outfit. Praising her, ogling her, asking her to strut and parade around in front of the admirerer. Its very sexy to see a woman very turned on by another woman before the action begins. The looks outfit teasing does it.

Anyone know more scenes of like this. Greatly apprecaited if people could point out a few. All too rare sadly.
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