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Lily Labeau and Adriana Chechick in Star Wars: The Last Temptation
Posted 1/9/2018 11:57 AM
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This is actually more of a scene that had a lot of potential rather than a genuinely great scene, but what potential! In my opinion the scene is hampered by the spaceship set, Lily's storm trooper outfit and some ridiculously contortionist choreography.

In spite of all this the chemistry between Adriana and Lily is undeniable and shines through all the ridiculousness. Adriana has been doing amazing lesbian scenes recently and I've always loved Lily's scenes. Lily used to do a lot of lesbian stuff but has dropped off my radar during the last few years, I don't know whether she was retired or was doing straight porn. In any case she should definitely do lesbian scenes again, she's still fantastic.
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