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Hot "Lesbian Taboo," Reluctance and “Non-Consent” Scenes
Posted 3/13/2018 11:20 AM

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Supreme Being

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Lesbian Psychodramas 23
Alexis Fawx & Kimmy Granger


"The final scene has Alexis showing off the lingerie she has purchased and then seducing young Kimmy who has been checking her out at the shops. What a super scene. Alexis is the best MILF in the business at the moment and has a super body, epic breasts and twinkle in her that spells only one thing."

No non-consent here and just a hint shy reluctance as Alexis puts the moves on Kimmy. That's enough to generate just enough "lesbian taboo"* for the scene to get a mention here. To be honest it's pretty thin, but it's also just a very good scene overall.

*A girl experiencing psychological turmoil from participating in homosexual sex acts she considers wrongful or "not done" by "girls like her."  

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