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Islam vs. America
Posted 9/18/2012 12:41 PM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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The U.S. flag has killed a Muslim!  Check it out:

America basher’s backfire: Killed by flag smoke

Old Glory strikes back.

In an apparent case of red, white and blue revenge, a Pakistani protester died yesterday after inhaling smoke from a burning American flag during an anti-US rally.

Abdullah Ismail succumbed at Mayo Hospital in Lahore a day after attending the fierce protest at the city’s Mall Road, where an estimated 10,000 people rallied.

Witnesses said Ismail had complained of feeling ill after breathing fumes from burning flags, Pakistan’s Express Tribune reported.

Another Pakistani protester was killed during clashes with police yesterday after demonstrators set a press club ablaze, apparently angry that their protest of an anti-Islam film wasn’t getting enough media coverage.

Hundreds set fire to the club in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province’s Upper Dir area, authorities said. Police said cops charged the crowd, beating them with batons.

The mob then set a government office ablaze.

The protester died and several were wounded when police and the demonstrators exchanged gunfire, police said.

Also yesterday, a man died after being shot in the head Sunday during a march in which hundreds of people broke through a barricade to get to the US Consulate in the southern city of Karachi.

There were more clashes in Karachi yesterday as demonstrators from the student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami party tried to reach the consulate.

Police lobbed tear gas, fired rounds in the air and made 40 arrests. No injuries were reported.

Pakistanis have also held many peaceful protests against the film, which critically portrays the prophet Mohammed. One held in the southwest town of Chaman yesterday was attended by about 3,000 students and teachers.

The chief justice of Pakistan’s supreme court ordered the state telecommunications authority to block the film on YouTube because it is considered blasphemous.


  She really IS a grand old flag!

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Posted 9/18/2012 9:29 PM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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I'm going to be posting a series of articles written in Sydney about the pathetic 14 century antics of a few Sydney based idiots. these are the start of am emerging world wide campaign movment to re establish cilivised control of that faith from the growing hands of idiots trying to high jack the world since 9/11.

'It's our shortcoming. We have not really engaged with these individuals.'

"It's our shortcoming. We have not really engaged with these individuals" ... Samier Dandan, president of the Lebanese Muslim Association. Photo: Nick Moir

Show of unity ... supporters of Ahmed Elomar, who was refused bail on charges of affray following protests in the city on Saturday, leaving Central Local Court in Sydney yesterday. Photo: Wolter Peeters

MUSLIM leaders in Sydney have broken ranks with their international counterparts to say there should be no more protests against the anti-Islamic film that has sparked violent riots around the world.

After a "historic" three-hour crisis meeting in Lakemba on Monday night, the leaders of 25 Muslim organisations united for the first time yesterday to say they would not endorse even peaceful demonstrations after the violent scenes that occurred in the city on Saturday, which they say were worse than the riots at Cronulla in 2005. But the historic alliance is already fraying at the edges, with segments of the Muslim community refusing to participate and some protesters vowing to ignore the orders.

Sheikh Feiz Mohammad, an extremist figure who has been linked to the protests, and Hizb ut-Tahrir, a radical organisation whose annual conference last Sunday forced the protest to be moved a day earlier, were not invited to the meeting.

A message from Sheikh Jamil el-Biza, a Wollongong youth leader travelling in Lebanon, began circulating, saying he was "deeply saddened" that Muslims were apologising to police and that protesters would be rewarded by Allah.

The head of the Lebanese Muslim Association, Samier Dandan, who co-ordinated the meeting of leaders, conceded that the Muslim community had failed to engage with the disaffected young men who turned violent on Saturday.

Calling for an end to the protests, Silma Ihram, a board member of the Australian Muslim Women's Association, said:

"To be honest, this film is not worth it.

"We don't believe it is productive. What is it going to achieve?"

Only hours after she and Mr Dandan made the comments, a dozen young men, some of whom are believed to have been involved in the protests, attended Central Local Court to support the alleged rioter Ahmed Elomar, 29, who appeared on affray charges.

They refused to stand and bow for Magistrate Clare Farnan and were filmed by detectives leaving the court after Mr Elomar, a former boxer, was refused bail.

Despite his solicitor Peter Lange's insisting Mr Elomar's role in the protest was limited and a result of provocation, Ms Farnan said he posed a risk to public safety. His uncle, Mohamed Ali Elomar, is in prison in NSW for terrorist offences.

An 18-year-old Padstow man turned himself into Strike Force McAllister officers on Monday night and was charged over smashing the windscreen of a police car with a milk crate during the riots.

His arrest brought the number charged to seven.

A mother who photographed her toddler holding up a sign saying, "behead all those who insult the prophet", also turned herself into police but was not charged.

The Family and Community Services Minister, Pru Goward, said authorities were satisfied her children were safe.

"She apparently said the child had been brought [to the protest] because they didn't expect it to become violent, which you might disagree with, but that was her account," Ms Goward said.

"But I think there is unfinished business in ensuring that the messages about mutual respect and non-violence are applied to all of us." As the police asked the public to hand over any photos or footage from the riots identifying those responsible, Mr Dandan said the Muslim community would develop programs to effect positive change among young Muslims.

"It's our shortcoming. We have not really engaged with these individuals," he said.

Mr Dandan urged police to allow those arrested to be educated by mainstream Muslim groups so as not to "drive them more underground".

The declaration of unity and the condemnation of violence was met with derision from some protesters. One man posted online: "A big thank you to the muslim "leaders" at the press conference for disowning the brothers involved in the protest and also co-operating with police to help them find these brothers."

"Trump policies of canceling everything, withdrawing from everything spending money on building up his military Space Force for a war in space in preference over increasing its minimum wage or feeding his own people will come back & bite him in his big blond ass, hard! .
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Posted 9/20/2012 10:46 AM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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   To pile on Obama for foreign policy matters seems short sighted in light of the complete and utter wrerckage left to him by my neighbor W'1. Need i mention Iraq and Afghanistan. Or how about China and the we apologize for the spy plane you now have in your possesion episode, or the infamous " i looked into Putin's eyes and saw a man i could trust "   ....please hold the laughter until intermission.

Congressman Davis is another pol like Leiberman, Spector etc...who change sides when it's expedient to boost a career and hang on to the vestiges of perks and power " insiders " of the beltway are afforded once they get in to milk the cow, which is the taxpayer $$....pass the heavy cream Laura....

All i can say about Mr. Davis is he was probably promised some kind of under secretary to the secretary or a cabinet post in commerce or labor to go around the country making speeches, cutting ribbons and telling people how bad his once fellow democrats are. Pols , they stick there finger in wind , " change, which direction, " it's blowing in the wind " this is the direction to switch to.

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Posted 9/20/2012 11:38 AM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Sylvester wrote: "To pile on Obama for foreign policy matters seems short sighted in light of the complete and utter wrerckage left to him by my neighbor W'1. Need i mention Iraq and Afghanistan."

He's been president for over three-and-a-half years now, Sylvester!  And yet you're STILL trying to blame Bush? 

First of all, Barack happily used information acquired using Bush's interrogation techniques to find & kill Osama bin Laden, which he then excessively bragged about as if he & Joe Biden were somehow solely responsible!  And then, after promising to close Gitmo (opened by Bush), he decided instead to keep it open & fully operative!  Then he travelled overseas to Cairo & Istanbul to apologize to the Islamic world for American arrogance & conceit!  And most recently, he's trying to blame an obscure you-tube video that nobody's actually seen for a massive outbreak of violence against America throughout the Islamic world!

Here are some historical FACTS for you, Sylvester: Despite the fact that the militant-Islamic world hated Reagan & Bush, they FEARED them, as well.  Islamic radicals did NOT fear OR RESPECT Jimmy Carter!  And it's becoming readily apparent that the Islamic world doesn't fear or respect Barack Obama!  He's been in the White House now for approximately 44-months, and they've got him figured out.  YOU can still blame Bush, but the Muslims murdering Americans and attacking our embassies know that Obama is the presdent now, and that they can get away with it.  Perhaps it's time for YOU to recognize this fact, as well.


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Posted 9/20/2012 12:09 PM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Posts: 9,544

  Historical facts : Bush openly spoke about giving up on finding OBL even though he stood on a pile of 9/11 rubble in downtown NYC DAYS after the catastrophe which it's been proven the Bush admin had intel to prevent, Bush stood with megaphone in his best tough guy imitation and said those who caused 9/11 ( OBL Ringleader ) would be brought to justice. It took the 21ST century president to put OBL back on the front burner so he could burn in hell or at least go meet the 72 virgins alot sooner then had a GOP been in office.

Historical facts : 10 YRS after Bush veered off course to settle a personal score with Saddam and sons it took the 21ST century president to get us out of that sinkhole. And even though i wish America would leave as of yesterday,  another GOP failed excursion in Kabul and the suburbs, by 2014 that too will be in the rear view mirror.

Historical facts : The salesman and his his sidekick were noticeably SILENT on the topic of Kabul  during the Tampa early bird special and the GOP non plans to remove American troops from that sinkhole. I would guess the defense contractors Eisenhower spoke of over 50 yrs ago have sent there offspring into the salesmens tent to tell him it's much too " dangerous "  to leave Kabul any time soon so if you want to see defense spending on failed fighter jets ( F35 ) AND  the Afghans fall catalog, by all means send the salesman to D.C. 

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Posted 9/20/2012 12:25 PM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Posts: 370

Sylvester wrote: "Historical facts : Bush openly spoke about giving up on finding OBL even though he stood on a pile of 9/11 rubble in downtown NYC DAYS after the catastrophe which it's been proven the Bush admin had intel to prevent, Bush stood with megaphone in his best tough guy imitation and said those who caused 9/11 ( OBL Ringleader ) would be brought to justice."

You're STILL blaming Bush for what's happening TODAY, nearly four years into Obama's presidency?

Bush promised retaliation following the 9/11 attacks, and within three years TWO NATIONS on the other side of the world (Afghanistan & Iraq) had their terror-sponsoring/exporting regimes (the Taliban & Saddam's Ba'athist dictatorship) toppled by U.S.-led military forces.  In LESS than three years, Sylvester! 

But now, over three-and-a-half-years after moving into the White House, President Obama is still blaming an obscure you-tube video for massive anti-American rioting throughout the Islamic world?  Yes, he's blaming a VIDEO for Islamic hatred, death, & destruction aimed at the United States!  He doesn't even have the courage to blame the Islamic radicals themselves!  And they're more-than-happy to continue attacking American targets knowing that Obama is putting the blame on an American filmmaker for their violent, murderous behavior!

And no, Sylvester, that filmmaker isn't George W. Bush, either!  Face the facts, Sylvester: Islamic radicals neither fear nor respect Barack Obama!


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Posted 9/25/2012 11:52 AM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Back when President Obama launched his "Apology Tour" of the Islamic world, he told an audience in Cairo, Egypt: 

"I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America 's history."

Seriously?  When and where have Muslims noticeable participated in American history, aside from September 11, 2001?  How does Islam incorporate any American values? 

Have you ever seen a Muslim hospital?
Have you heard a Muslim orchestra?
Have you seen a Muslim band march in a parade?
Have you witnessed a Muslim charity in action?
Have you ever purchased cookies from a Muslim Girl Scout?
Have you seen a Muslim Candy Striper?
Have your seen a Muslim do anything that contributes positively to the American way of life ???

The answer to all of these questions is no, you have not. And why not?
Islam is not a RELIGION, it is an IDEOLOGY:


1.the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group.
2.such a body of doctrine, myth, etc., with reference to some political and social plan, as that of fascism, along with the devices for putting it into operation.
   Islamic values are NOT American values!
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Posted 9/25/2012 1:55 PM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Not sure how to just post the clip in this article , but I would say that the Material Girl got it right in this rant.


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Posted 9/25/2012 2:24 PM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Madonna said (in Skyhawk's article from the previous page): So y’all better vote for f–ing Obama, okay? For better or for worse, all right, we have a black Muslim in the White House, okay? Now that is some sh–. That’s some amazing sh–. It means there is hope in this country. And Obama is fighting for gay rights, okay? So support the man, goddamnit!”

The words "stupid bitch" come to mind, Skyhawk.  How can ANY American women support Islam when that religion treats women like dogs?

Honor killing caught on tape

Perpetrator 'slaughtered her in broad daylight so everyone could see'

A stunning video posted on the Internet is evidence that revenge and honor killings are on the increase in Egypt, according to an expert on the region.

Middle East analyst Theodore Shoebat, the son of former terrorist Walid Shoebat, says the killing is related to the Islamic practice of honor killing.

Shoebat says the killing itself is out of revenge, but it can be labeled an honor killing.

It’s a revenge killing, a type of honor killing nevertheless,” Shoebat said, explaining that the man was doing the killing to restore honor to his family.

The reports from the Middle East say that the killer slaughtered the woman because she was the mother of a man who had killed his brother a year ago,” Shoebat said.

Her house was attacked by the perpetrator at an earlier time, so she went into hiding. But, when she had went to the butcher shop, wearing a burka so that no one would recognize her, she was recognized by somebody who had then told the [perpetrator],” Shoebat said.

Shoebat says the video of the killing shows it was in broad daylight, and in front of a crowd.

The [perpetrator] took a knife and slaughtered her in broad day light so that everyone in the neighborhood could see. The reason why the people consented to the killing is because of the Near Eastern culture of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” Shoebat said.

Center for Security Policy analyst and senior fellow Clare Lopez says vigilante actions like this will become more common in a Shariah-compliant Egypt.

Unfortunately for women, Copts, and other non-Muslim minorities in Egypt, this is not some extraordinary, unheard of sort of attack,” Lopez said.

Islamic law (Shariah), which Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi and his Ikhwan cohorts want to enforce strictly throughout Egypt, mandates that a woman’s status is only one-half that of a male Muslim’s and that she must submit to him in all things. According to the Quran and Islamic law, the Muslim husband has the right to beat her, rape her, marry other women, and have sex with as many prisoners of war and slave concubines as he can get his hands on,” Lopez said.

Reportedly, this woman is being stabbed to death in front of an approving crowd of other men in revenge for a killing attributed to her son. While revenge killing of this sort is not in accord with Islamic law (which requires that accused murderers be brought before a judge), it is a cultural practice that may be on the rise in Egypt as 7th century norms championed by the Muslim Brotherhood once again motivate those like these villagers to take justice into their own hands, rightly or wrongly according to Shariah,” Lopez said.

Islam analyst and Jihad Watch publisher Robert Spencer says the video was truly terrible.

This is a horrifying video, showing vividly the savagery of Islamic honor killing. Many Muslim countries have light penalties for honor murders, and attempts to stiffen those penalties are resisted by Muslim clerics,” Spencer said.

The tolerance for honor killing within Islam is a global scandal, and many more women will be killed until the global human rights community acknowledges the real root causes of this phenomenon,” Spencer said.

Terrorism analyst Brigitte Gabriel said, “Welcome to Islam 101.”

Gabriel adds that honor and revenge killings aren’t really “Middle Eastern.” 

Honor killing is not a cultural practice, it is an Islamic practice. There are those who would like you to believe that honor killing is just a cultural practice and has nothing to do with Islam. That is a flat lie,” Gabriel said.

You do not see Christians or Jews who come from the Arabic or Islamic world killing their mothers, daughters, wives or sisters in the name of honor. If it was cultural practice you would see people who come from that culture practice the same as the Muslims,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel says women’s groups are reluctant to stand up for Muslim women because of what involvement in the issue would reveal.

The reality is very ugly. This is why women’s organizations in America are not saying a word or standing up in defense of this barbaric practice. Because if they start looking into it to solve it they will have to address the Islam issue and they are not willing to do so because it is going to show the true color and practices of Islam. I detail many stories in my book,” Gabriel said, referring to her book, “Because They Hate.”

Shoebat said he has personal knowledge of the practice.

When my grandfather had disemboweled a man, he had to flee to America because the entire family of the victim were trying to kill him and his family. This is something that people in the Middle East allow and do not get involved in,” Shoebat said.

Shoebat added that the woman was defenseless and had no one to intervene on her behalf.

She was overpowered and helpless. She was slowly being stabbed to death and was screaming from the pains of the continuous stabbings,” Shoebat said.

Gabriel says technology is making it easier to record what’s happening in the Muslim world.

Thankfully we now have cell phones that can record such horrible murders and show them so that the civilized world will see what we are dealing with when it comes to Islam and its practices,” Gabriel said.

For those who say society’s equal, this type of video shows that those who murder their own (or people they know) in the name of honor have no soul and no conscience,” Gabriel said.

Shoebat says the number of such killings will only get bigger.

You will be seeing an increase in these murders as long as the Muslim Brotherhood remains in power. Shariah (which is eye for an eye) is on the verge of being implemented in Egypt,” Shoebat said.

Shoebat quoted from the Quran: “And we prescribed for them therein: The life for the life, and the eye for the eye, and the nose for the nose, and the ear for the ear, and the tooth for the tooth, and for wounds retaliation. But whoso forgoeth it (in the way of charity) it shall be expiation for him. Whoso judgeth not by that which Allah hath revealed: such are wrong-doers.”

I know this is true because just yesterday, I wrote a report on a video released yesterday showing the president of the Supreme Judicial Council of Egypt, Hossam Ghariani, demanding for Shariah,” Shoebat said.

Gabriel predicts more revenge and honor killings will take place in Western countries soon.

We are seeing more and more of this honor killing rising in Western countries due to the rise of Islamic immigration and settlement. We have already seen four at least in America in the name of honor not to mention the cases in Canada and the many cases in Europe. In England the British police reopened 105 cases of domestic murders now believing they are all honor killing,” Gabriel said.


  President Obama really needs to STOP APOLOGIZING to the primitive Islamic world!

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Posted 4/1/2013 10:47 AM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Now Jaba the Hutt is a racist because he apparently looks & acts like a real Muslim!

Muslims call Jabba the Hutt Racist, and Lego abides

I wish so badly I could say that this was a parody article, but sadly it's not.

It all started when Lego released a Star Wars toy set featuring Jabba the Hut inside a building smoking alien-hookah. The 'problem' is the building he was in sort of looks like it could be an alien mosque-like structure of sorts.

"This sort of thing does not belong in a child's bedroom," said Meliisa Gunes, a spokswoman for the orgization who filed the complaints. "This game is pedagogical dynamite. It depicts Muslims as terrorists," adding that Jabba looks like a "terrorist who likes to smoke hookah and have his victims killed."

Really?! That's EXACTLY what Jabba does though! He smokes alien hookah and throws his slaves into pits to be squished by gigantic aliens and stuff. It's what makes him SO friggin cool!

Lego at first naturally laughed this off and refused to remove the product. But has since agreed to remove the product due to the complaints.


  Now that I think about it, Jaba DID treat his women like second-class citizens, and I'm pretty certain that he followed strict Islamic Sharia Law in that third Star Wars film!

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