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Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 14
Posted 3/9/2019 8:34 AM

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Strap-on lesbian scenes should ALWAYS be awesome, but that is NOT always the case as some directors simply don't understand what makes them so hot. In this one, director/writer Dana Vespoli actually starts off doing a pretty decent job, despite WAY too much empty dialogue (which adds NOTHING to the overall eroticism).

Our video opens with butchy, tattoo-covered lesbians Dana and Joanna Angel looking at pics together on their I-phones. Then they begin talking about their respective lesbian relationships with their pretty femme girlfriends. Joanna complains that her girlfriend recently fucked a guy because she wanted dick, and so Dana suggests that Joanna get a strap-on to save her relationship. (I'm sorry, but that is just LAME.)

1) Joanna Angel & Jane Wilder - I LOVED the butch/femme contrast between these two! Joanna looks like a dominant tattoo-covered lezzie-biker-chick, while pretty Jane has no tattooes whatsoever. The two begin making out, with Joanna repeatedly slapping her pretty young lover on her shapely ass! I also really liked how Joanna strips Jane completely nude before removing her own clothing. What follows is extensive fingering, some analingus, & 69ing. But eventually Joanna gets around to putting on her strap-on, and this scene then gets REALLY GOOD as she positions her girl onto her hands & knees so that she can proceed to do her doggy-style! I thought that it included both an excellent butch/femme & sizzling sub/dom contrasts! Both women were well cast for their respective roles in this encounter!

set-up: C, casting: A, sex: B+

2) Mercedes Carrera & Moka Mora - Mercedes is a somewhat butchy-looking female athletics trainer, and Moka is a girl with a foreign accent that she has been working out with. At one point, Moka reveals that she has not been laid in quite some time (that is LAME), and so Mercedes offers the pretty girl a bout of strap-on lesbian sex to fix it (VERY LAME). Moka, of course, accepts. Mercedes is NOT great as a lezzie-dom. I thought she was way too tentative, but the two women are soon out of their clothing and having sex, kissing & going down on one another. Eventually, the older woman dons her strap-on and has pretty Moka positioned onto her hands & knees on the nearby couch so that she can then do the submissive foreign girl doggy-style. Moka was pretty good in the submissive-femme role.

set-up: C+, casting: B, sex: B

3) Sinn Sage & Aali Kali - Sinn plays a somewhat butchy-lez with a pretty blonde girlfriend named Aali (who reminds me a LOT of Aaliyah Love). Anyway, Aali presents Sinn with a strap-on as a gift, saying that she wants her more dominant lover to use it on her. But Sinn gets all political instead, saying that strap-ons represent violence against women. The ongoing political diatribe is incredibly LAME, adding NOTHING to the overall eroticism of this scene. I would MUCH RATHER have seen Sinn bring home a strap-on and announce that she intends to use it on Aali, whether the pretty blonde likes it or not! Eventually, Sinn does agree to wear it, with pretty blonde Aali then positioning herself onto her elbows & knees so that Sinn can take her doggy-style! What follows is pretty hot, but it would have been so much hotter still if Sinn was doing it because she wanted to, instead of simply placating her subby girlfriend. Both girls had a decent butch/femme contrast between them.

set-up: D, casting: A, sex: B

4) Dana Vespoli & Jessa Rhodes - Dana arrives home to find her beautiful young lover Jessa lying on the couch. Jessa is a cute blonde of the Elsa Jean variety. This SHOULD HAVE BEEN the hottest scene on this DVD, as Dana Vespoli is an excellent lezzie-domme, but the writing for this encounter was complete CRAP! Jessa suddenly confesses out of the blue that she is having an affair with a woman named Gina, which shocks Dana, but does she immediately want to spank her sexy little girlfriend on her beautiful butt? NO! She wants to talk with her instead! Then the two take turns going down on one another, followed by some mechanical instant analingus. And when Dana FINALLY dons her strap-on, she does the pretty girl frontally only. It was all so SURPRISINGLY BLAND! It is no surprise to me as to why Jessa wanted to have an affair with Gina! It all makes perfect sense now.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C-

That fourth scene was hugely disappointing. It is clear to me that Dana Vespoli has lost all interest in sexually dominating pretty younger women. Now she would prefer TALKING with them instead, which makes for a lame product. Women doing pretty girls with strap-ons should ALWAYS be yowzers-hot! When they are not it is the fault of the people behind the camera! My grade for this one: B-
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