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Bitches & Pets 03 - (Bizarre Video)
Posted 3/9/2019 1:35 AM

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The idea behind this video series is an EXCELLENT one, what with showing dominant lesbian "bitchy" women possessing pretty female "pets" for their pleasure & enjoyment. With a little effort and some talented erotic writing, this concept should work like a charm, correct? Yes, all it requires is some EFFORT & TALENTED WRITING from the folks running the show at Bizarre Video.

1) "Cumming Together" - Suzy Rainbow & Amirah - This first scene opens with these two women standing together in a bedroom, both wearing sexy lingerie & making out with one another. There is no talking. One fingers the other as they then get into bed together. Both women break out dildos to use on themselves. That's followed by some I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex. Next they add an electronic vibrator to complete a very mechanical, very formulaic encounter. This scene had virtually NOTHING to do with a bitchy lesbian woman having sex with her female "pet."

set-up: F, casting: A-, sex: D-

2) "Lick Up Pick Up" - Tina Kay & Ani Blackfox - These are the two hot DVD covergirls. Two pretty women are shown entering a locker room together after a work-out, both dressed in skimpy outfits and both speaking with British accents. After one of the two admits to never before having had a crush on a woman, her friend says: "I'm going to show you!" And with that, they both begin going at it. It's all very porny & unimaginative. One of the two is somewhat in charge, but not really. It's as if the folks at Bizarre Video really didn't know what to do with this one, so they opted to go the XXX-garbage-porn route.

set-up: D, casting: B+, sex: C

3) "Humiliated Catgirl" - Stacy Sarah & Gina - Dominatrix Gina calls out to her captive slavegirl Gina to bring her something to eat. Gina is shown completely nude except for wearing a catgirl mask. When Gina arrives with a plate of food, Stacy angrily throws it onto the floor and begins yelling non-stop at her catgirl/slave. In NO WAY does Stacy ever appear physically attracted to the beautiful nude girl serving her. She orders Gina to lick her shoes and then spanks the pretty girl on her beautiful ass. Soon after, she ties Gina's wrists to the bannister for some more spanking before then dripping hot candle-wax onto her body. Later still, she takes Gina doggy-style with her strap-on - which was kind of HOT - except that ANGRY PUNISHMENT SEX IS NOT EROTIC! It gets old really quick!

set-up: D+, casting: B+, sex: B

4) "Pixies Fetish Tale" - Lucy Li & Tracy Lindsay - This scene takes place outside in a garden. Dominant mistress Lucy is holding beautiful nude blonde girl Tracy bound & captive. She orders the beautiful nude girl to submissively kneel down before her and lick her stiletto heels, before then whipping & spanking Tracy's gorgeous ass. Again, this is basically nothing more than angry punishment sex, but it's actually kind of hot to watch. The hand-spanking administered by Lucy is long & sensual. Soon after, the lezzie-dom dons her strap-on before then ordering the beautiful blonde to kneel down on a chair so that her mistress can do her doggy-style. This scene would have been SO MUCH HOTTER has Lucy only appeared to be enjoying herself more. On the positive side, I certainly liked how she'd occasionally slap Tracy's luscious butt while taking the protesting girl from behind. This scene had an overall excellent sub/dom feel to it. At the very end, Lucy affectionately licks Tracy's neck before walking off.

set-up: C, casting: A+, sex: B+

Aside from the terrible writing, this series has an excellent overall idea behind it. The people in charge at Bizarre Video simply need to hire somebody with a modicum of talent to write their scenes. Crude porn-directors will take excellent ideas like this ones here and then run them into the ground. The pretty women in this DVD deserve so much better. My grade for this video: C+
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