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Lesbian Seductions 60
Posted 12/30/2017 10:59 AM
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Lesbian Seductions 60 has 3 very good scenes.

The movie opens up with young blond, pretty Summer Day in pajamas, in a darkened bedroom, laying on her side facing the camera. The bedroom door opens and Summer looks apprehensive. Mindi wordlessly slips beside Summer and begins softly kissing and petting Summer. Summer never moves, but allows Mindi to keep doing what she is doing. As things heat up, and Summer is starting to pant from Mindi’s hands beneath the covers, and her lips on her neck. Mindi suddenly jerks her hand away and retreats quickly from the bedroom, leaving Summer staring into space.

The next morning, Summer is at the table, listlessly stirring her cereal when Mindi enters and sits down and ashamedly announces that she is going back into therapy. Summer silently lays down her spoon and walks away from the table.

That night, Summer, in her pajamas again, is sitting up in her bed reading, in her brightly lit bedroom. The door opens, and Mindi stands in the doorway, wearing a sheer robe and a sexy bra and pantie set. Summer stares at Mindi, and wordlessly lays the book aside on the small dresser by the bed. Silently, Mindi walks over to the bed, deliberately takes the book and puts it on a dresser farther away, and then bends down to kiss Summer. For a full 35 minutes Mindi Mink will romance and seduce Summer, making her cum several times. Summer will then get her chance to do the same to Mindi, eventually leading to Mindi riding Summer’s face to a final shuddering orgasm, before they both collapse into each other’s arms.

Reagan Foxx is Jessica Rex’s mother, and Bree Daniels is Jessica’s friend. Newly divorced Reagan announces that she is going to try pursuing relationships with women. Jessica suggests and pushes her mom into hooking up with Bree, since they can’t keep from stealing glances at each other. The appeal of the scene is the love-making between these two beautiful women.

Early on, Reagan takes charge. Bree is naked on the bed, lying on her back. Reagan, sitting next to, and over Bree, pets Bree, whispering softly, “I could rub on you……..for days!” Reagan proceeds then to worship Bree’s pussy--with only lips and tongue--until Bree is shaking and squeezing her hands into a fist. Later, Bree does the same for Reagan. When Reagan reaches her limit, she twists her body and involuntarily shoots out her hand. Reagan immediately cries, “Oh my God, I’m sorry!” Bree looks up as Reagan apologizes, “I scratched you! Did I scratch you?” Bree warmly shakes her head “No”, and these two lovelies continue making love, with each taking turns sitting on the other’s face.

The Prinzzess/Penelope Reed scene really doesn’t take off until after Penelope has gotten her first orgasm. Up until this point, she has played an innocent, who supposedly knows nothing about pleasing a woman. Once it is Penelope’s turn however, any role playing by her goes out the window. We witness cute Penelope going down on Prinzzess, whom she has quite obviously been hungering for. There are some beautiful shots of Prinzzess on her back, practically falling off the bed, as Penelope deliciously eats her out. But when Prinzzess instructs Penelope to lay on top of her, and grind herself on her, we really see Penelope lose herself in the moment!
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