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High Maintenance Season 2 Episode 7
Posted 2/25/2019 3:34 AM
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High Maintenance is an HBO show about a weed dealer who bikes around New York City. Some episodes focus on him but others are more about his clientele.

In this episode the main character is a very cute somewhat dykey looking teenage girl. It's her birthday but everyone around her, her friends and her mother, are all self absorbed and she feels neglected and lonely. Her mother has a female friend visiting from Europe, a 40 something blonde woman who slightly resembles Chloe Sevigny.

In one scene the two of them are talking late at night, the girl is getting increasingly flirtatious and finally she just plants a kiss on the older woman. The other woman is clearly into it and they kiss for a few seconds before the older woman catches herself and then leaves to sleep on the couch. The scene is really hot because you can the older woman's desire and she clearly only stops herself because this is her friend's teenage daughter.

Anyway, the show is worth checking out.
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