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Posted 10/2/2017 7:54 AM
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In the first season of Transparent, Sarah Pfefferman, played by the gorgeous Amy Landecker, realizes that she's bi, kinky and really not cut out for monogamy. She leaves her husband for a woman she dated in college, almost marries her but backs out at the last second and then proceeds to start seeing a dominatrix played by Jizz Lee as well as sleeping with her pot dealer.

I was really hoping that her relationship with Jizz Lee would be further developed, but Jizz's character was written out of the show. In the current season she's started sleeping with her ex-husband again, but her bi/non-monogamous desires can't be repressed. She meets up with an acquaintance played by Alia Shawkat at a sex addicts group and then has a really hot fantasy about lying on her stomach while Alia rubs her pussy against her leg.

From the trailer for the current season, it looks like Sarah, her ex-husband and Lila (Alia Shawkat's character) are going to end up in a threesome, but I'm hoping for a scene with just Sarah and Lila.
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