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Shyla Jennings ?? and??
Posted 7/4/2018 10:24 AM
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Quote: "So I don't care how much cynical folks will claim that young ladies, like Riley and Shyla, are just being "gay for pay", in such a scene, because there's no way that even Oscar caliber actresses coul...

Your comments have just made my day, mgf. I thank you Sir.

Because guys born as far back as I was (1951) are lucky if they have known ladies who are totally uninhibited about even just enjoying their sexuality in the traditional man/woman way. So the younger men of today are extremely fortunate if they have been with women who possess anything like Riley Reid's absence of guilt as she is able to enjoy having sexual encounters with both women and men.

I really believe that if it was normal in this world for every person, man or woman, to be able to enjoy sexual relationships with other human beings, while not feeling any guilt about enjoying consensual sex, not only would most sex crimes be reduced to the point of near non-existence, but the men who are the leaders of most of the world's nations, would not be so inclined to start wars against other countries. Because historians have noted that one of the main characteristics of war-like countries, like Hitler's Germany, was a very rigid sexual code that caused people to feel guilt about their own natural sexual desires. And BTW, one thing about Hitler's Germany that today's Evangelical Christians of America, do agree with, is that that it was illegal in Nazi Germany for a German woman to have the choice of being able to end an unwanted pregnancy with an abortion. And doctors caught performing abortions were shot.

So it's not surprising that the Evangelical Protestant Christians of 21st century America are all descendents of the Protestants of Germany, which became the world's 1st Protestant Christian country when Martin Luther led Germany in breaking away from the Catholic Church in the 1500s. And back in the 1500s, Luther wrote that the Jews, who were a very tiny percentage of Germany's population, were the source of all evil in Germany, and that Germany must be rid of the Jews. And later, in the 20th century, German Nazis often quoted those hateful writings of Luther, the founder of the Protestant Christian religion.

Sorry if my recounting of history seems to be too political, but the sexual hang-ups in much of today's America (such as folks being offended by g/g erotica) are still afflicting many Americans, in large part, because of the hang-ups of Evangelical Christians, who are now constantly having their asses being kissed by today's President. (Even though his own behavior, in his private life, has certainly proved that he really has no respect for their beliefs.)

"It is a rare thing indeed, to ever observe in nature, anything so beautiful, as the sight of 2 pretty women, with one engaged in slowly sucking on the tongue of the other."(mrb0775@gmail.com)

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