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Attention Mods: Nica Noelle Is Having Trouble Posting...!
Posted 12/30/2018 3:20 PM

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Ms Noelle reached out to me earlier today to let me know that she's still encountering issues with regards to her posts, and asked me to draw the moderators' attention to it. Apparently, her attempts to engage us in discussion about the state of girl/girl porn and what and whom we'd like to see in her future projects are being stymied by the requirement that her posts pass through some sort of screening process. The end result is that weeks pass before we see any of her replies to our queries.

I know there's a separate section to report technical difficulties, but I thought that there'd be a greater degree of visibility here. Also, I thought Ms. Noelle's fans deserve to know that she's eager to get our feedback but that her efforts are being hampered. I understand the need to make sure the board is well-regulated, but not to such a degree that it drives away any potential contributors...particularly those who actually work in the adult industry. Let's face it: it's been a while since anyone who worked in front of or behind the camera wanted to mix it up with us fanboys at LLV; we can't afford to alienate the only one who does...

If anyone, mods or regulars, could shed light on this issue, or, better yet, resolve it, I'm sure she'd be grateful...


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