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Group Etiquette >> new members please read!
Posted 4/6/2004 7:57 PM

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Group etiquette (i.e., how to behave yourself)


OK we have a great and educated group of people here (thankfully!!) so I am not going to bore you with a bunch of “be nice to each other” garbage. Please use your common sense and try to follow these few basic guidelines:


  1. If you post a link to a 3rd party site that contains pop-ups or other things that may annoy people, please note this in your post.

  2. Things get heated sometimes, I know, but please try to keep your posts on topic and avoid personal jabs. Be respectful to other members.

  3. Do not post anything relating to (either implied or explicit) underage models. Do not link to any sites containing such material. This applies to fisting or any other acts deemed illegal. You all know what is legal and what is not, so post accordingly.

  4. Please keep all of your profile pictures (avatar, etc.) R-rated or less. Please limit your use of “animated” gifs, a whole page of these looks crazy!!


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