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1. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted Today @ 12:13 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Americans Saw Trump Making A DISGRACE of HIMSELF By Backing Russia Over America, In Helsinki Today, So Trump Fans Who Defend That Must Tie Themselves In Knots To Do It.America's so called President disgraced himself today, while dashing the hopes of people worldwide, who want freedom, and expect an...
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2. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted Yesterday @ 2:05 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Skyhawk, I'm actually very glad to talk about what's going on now, because it reflects very poorly on your side. President Trump is about to have a meeting with Putin, at which there will be no witnesses, other than the two translators assigned to translate for Trump, and his buddy, Vladimir. Meanin...
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3. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 2 days ago @ 10:11 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
How many times do I have to repeat my statement that Maxine Waters is an idiot, to satisfy you dullards?
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4. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 2 days ago @ 1:29 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
There you Go Again, Anon, with you STILL trying to prolong the discussion of the partial term, ex-Alaskan Governor, EVEN AFTER I said Friday, that yesterday was the last day I wanted to waste more energy discussing that Alaskan quitter.So since it's obvious that all the back & forth here, regarding...
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5. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/13/2018 8:37 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Well Anon, that's some attempt you're making to change the subject away from the fact that you've been lying about what I write. Because this isn't about my many criticisms of Palin, which I'll never deny having made, because the quitter who is Alaska's failed governor, has certainly earned all of t...
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6. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/13/2018 1:43 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Anon Keeps Lying About What I Write On LLV Forum, Even After My Last Post Proved That I'd Never Expressed A Belief That He Credited To MeMan, some folks never learn, which could explain why they are Trump supporters.Because even after my last post took Anon to task, for his false claim that I hold a...
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7. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/12/2018 11:13 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Anon, you just said this about me: "YOU seemingly believe that women should ONLY get ahead by first marrying a powerful man, which I find to be somewhat antiquated."Of course, NOWHERE on LLV Forum have I ever expressed that absurd belief, or have even given the slightest sign that I accept that obso...
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8. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/12/2018 6:17 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Last Week, On the Charlotte Stokely Thread (of all places) mgf Made A Statement That Seems To Show That He's My Only Fellow Trump Critic On LLV ForumYeah, it was an oversight of mine to have missed what mgf wrote at the bottom of a post he entered on the Charlotte Stokely thread, on July 2nd.This is...
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9. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/11/2018 8:10 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Anon, you & others here, all miss the point (Deliberately, I think) that I've NEVER defended the behavior of Maxine Waters, but instead I've consistently said that the woman is an idiot.I'm a liberal who is BRUTALLY honest in describing Maxine Waters, but those on the Right just can't seem to be as...
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10. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/11/2018 1:04 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Anon Is Losing Our Palin Debate, As This Post Makes Clear By Presenting Views Of Folks Who've Known Palin Up Close, An Experience Anon HAS NOT HADHow sad Anon, that you must play the fool by ACTING like you really believe that Sarah Palin has no shortcomings. I realize your duty to stay loyal to any...
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11. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/11/2018 12:41 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Looks Like You Trump Fans Can Forget About Donald Getting A Nobel Peace PrizeWell, within about the last 48 hours, North Korea's dictator reacted to the visit that Secretary of State Pompeo just made to North Korea by saying that the U.S. was "making gangster-like demands for de-nuclearization.Sorry...
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12. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/10/2018 5:57 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Anon, you are either incredibly dishonest, or you simply cannot comprehend plain English. Because my post obviously showed that Palin's stupidity, and lack of stability, are every bit as severe as those negative qualities are with Waters.So here's a basic review for you:1. After she was chosen as Mc...
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13. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/9/2018 6:42 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Man, Trump's security in making sure that the people who work for him can keep their mouths shut, regarding privileged information, is certainly VERY POOR.As I posted at 8:56 PM, on the previous page, Trump's pick of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court Justice, had already been leaked...
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14. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/9/2018 6:02 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
The Evidence Proving That Palin Is Every Bit As Stupid & Unstable As Waters Is! Anon, in your post you quote Lezfriend saying to me "Another insidious point you seem to be belaboring is the comparison between Maxine Waters and Sarah Palin."Of course, Anon, you agreed with Lezfriend, even though my c...
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15. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/9/2018 6:01 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Well, in a couple minutes we should know if what the President's people leaked to NBC, about the identity of Trump's choice for Supreme Court Justice (Kavanaugh) is correct.
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16. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/9/2018 5:56 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Well, Trump's team has leaked the identity of his SCOTUS choice.It's 5 minutes before Trump said he will announce his choice at 9PM Eastern time, and NBC's Pete Williams said, about 3 minutes ago, that Kavanaugh is the choice.
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17. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/7/2018 1:39 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Anon, will you ever quit this "the experts predicted a landslide victory for Hillary" nonsense? The consensus of pollsters, just before voting began on November 8 2016, was that Clinton's odds of winning enough Electoral votes had dropped down to 80%, & Trump had a 20% chance to win, so that 20% cam...
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18. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/7/2018 12:09 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Anon, it's hilarious that your warped perception of what's now taking place in America has you thinking that it's the Democratic party which is the one that's now coming apart at the seams. Because the purely unacceptable behavior of Donald Trump, as President, is now causing a serious development,...
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19. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/6/2018 2:13 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Before anything else, I'd like to say that nowhere did I mention the lovely Melania Trump, in connection with Trump buying women. The last time I checked, Melania had never been a porn star or a Playboy Playmate, the kinds of women that I did list.However, since Melania learned (thanks to Giuliani)...
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20. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/6/2018 12:22 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Trump Has "Enlarged" His Record From Just Being Our #1 Creator Of Fake News, To Now Being Our #1 Creator Of FAKE AMERICAN HISTORY, Because Last Night, Trump Continued His LYING ABOUT President Reagan's Record.Maybe America is just becoming numb to Trump's daily doses of pathological lying which he i...
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21. RE: Shyla Jennings ?? and?? Posted 7/4/2018 10:24 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Your comments have just made my day, mgf. I thank you Sir.Because guys born as far back as I was (1951) are lucky if they have known ladies who are totally uninhibited about even just enjoying their sexuality in the traditional man/woman way. So the younger men of today are extremely fortunate if th...
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22. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 7/1/2018 11:41 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
I think that you're quite correct, Skyhawk, about these demonstrations by Democrats doing them no good toward their effort to re-take the House, an effort which has recently turned into something that's very likely to fail!Because November's midterm elections are going to closely follow the Democrat...
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23. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/30/2018 5:23 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
The Democrats of the Senate will mount quite an effort to stall and delay the confirmation of the President's SCOTUS nominee, mostly because they can't have their most dedicated supporters seeing them appear to roll over for the POTUS. But in the end, the efforts by the Dems will have made absolutel...
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24. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/30/2018 1:01 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
On Monday July 9th, President Trump will announce his choice for the nominee who would replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.What we know now is that of the 7 conservative people generally considered as the finalists who are most seriously under consideration by President Trump, to...
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25. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/30/2018 10:10 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Yes, I'll admit, that offhand, I cannot recall a case of Sarah Palin having promoted the intimidation of members of the opposing political party, as Maxine Waters has just been seen doing. But Republican strategist Steve Schmidt is still, here in 2018, apologizing for having been responsible, in 200...
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26. RE: Shyla Jennings ?? and?? Posted 6/28/2018 6:44 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Just read your post, mgf. And I was saying "So cool!" to myself, after reading through THESE 2 sentences which you wrote about that delicious Shyla/Riley scene in WLT 41: "This scene in particular allowed me to find out the love, desire and passion that Both Riley Reid and Shyla Jennings have for ot...
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27. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/28/2018 11:49 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Admittedly, Maxine Waters is as much of an EMBARRASSMENT to reasonable Liberals, as the equally clueless Sarah Palin is to reasonable Conservatives.Because, just like Palin, Waters often likes to shoot off at the mouth in making ridiculously exaggerated statements.
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28. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/27/2018 9:28 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Lezfriend, my intent was surely not to be magnanimous toward Sarah Sanders. So, if I didn't communicate my intent well, the reason I changed my mind about Sanders being asked to leave that restaurant, is because that event distracted the public into seeing her as a victim, when in reality, it is the...
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29. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/27/2018 8:38 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Fact Checkers Just Found That President Trump Just Broke His Own Record, By Having Made 103 False Statements Last Week. (Trump's previous record was 60 false statements in a week, which he did back in March.)And "distinguished and classy" Sarah Huckabee Sanders, devotes her days to helping spread ma...
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30. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/27/2018 6:06 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Actually, on second thought, that restaurant owner, should not have asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave, because that made Sanders appear to be a victim, although the way that she constantly victimizes the American people by helping Trump misinform them, is much worse. Plus, the American people co...
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31. RE: Shyla Jennings ?? and?? Posted 6/26/2018 7:10 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
No, and it also wasn't over when the Japanese shelled Fort Sumter.Anyhow, another pretty nice Shyla Jennings scene is on "A Lesbian Romance", a DVD production from New Sensations, that was made in 2015, and released in 2016.The scene begins with Shyla's narration saying that she was finally going to...
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32. RE: Your Favorite Face-Grinding Scenes Posted 6/26/2018 4:34 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Although it's not an example of face sitting, I think that anyone who views the incredible scene between Shyla Jennings & Riley Reid, on the We Live Together 41 DVD, would agree that the adorable Shyla does some amazing face grinding as she keeps moving her body back and forth, so it keeps thrusting...
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33. RE: Shyla Jennings ?? and?? Posted 6/26/2018 12:37 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Thanks mgf for getting me on to a more enjoyable subject than politics, and the lovely and adorable Shyla Jennings, is CERTAINLY THAT!BTW, CowPro seemed to be saying in his post, that the outdoor scene with the 2 ladies on that deck, with Shyla having her back against those leaves, as she's about to...
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34. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/26/2018 9:02 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
OK, I'll keep this polite, even if I'm obviously the one whom you are referring to as supposedly being a Marxist.But I can understand your mistake. Because during the 1950s, some folks holding very conservative beliefs and attitudes, similar to yours (but even further out), were members of the right...
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35. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/26/2018 7:39 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
What a lame excuse mgf! I encountered no problem when trying to post. And in some past Sundays, was involved in much back & forth discussion with fellow LLV Forum members.Nice try, though!
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36. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/25/2018 1:43 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Gee, it's been well over 24 hours since I entered a post here, making it the LAST post of this thread, YET STILL, no Trump supporter has been able to offer a response.Man, folks like Sylvester, who writes very SHORT POSTS, should have been able to come back with a FEW ANSWERS by now, if he really th...
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37. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/24/2018 8:35 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Ms Sanders is a person who is totally UNDESERVING of EMPATHY from the American people, because she routinely violates the standards of decency that were taught to her as part of her religious upbringing, which was done by her father, who is an ordained Christian minister.And one of those primary mor...
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38. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/23/2018 12:30 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Well Sylvester, since you just printed a post 2 times, let me now repeat the post I did near the bottom of the last page, since many probably missed it. (SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: I see that Sylvester ended up deleting his 2nd printing of his post that included his gripe about Sarah Sanders being kicke...
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39. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/23/2018 11:11 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
As just shown in a PBS documentary, many of the families coming to America's southern border are from Honduras and El Salvador which are not only the most dangerous nations in Latin America to live in, but also, even present greater hazards to families, than what families living in Afghanistan or Sy...
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40. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/23/2018 2:09 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Yes Sylvester, and if I searched through countless cases of murder as Trump's people have done for him, there's little doubt that I could find at least a half dozen cases of Catholic nuns who have murdered children, as well as a much larger number of Christian ministers who resorted to murdering the...
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41. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/22/2018 3:12 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Well Sylvester, I'm glad that I just apologized for calling you stupid, but you should do yourself a favor by dropping childish words like "gubment", because such nonsense is not how an intelligent adult communicates.But concerning a much more important issue, I wonder if anyone on this thread just...
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42. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/22/2018 9:49 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Some Really Amazing Fact Denying People Attended President Trump's Wednesday Night Rally In Minnesota. (And thinking about them made me realize that I REALLY OWE Sylvester an APOLOGY for HAVING CALLED HIM STUPID.On Wednesday evening, shortly after he issued his executive order to stop child separati...
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43. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/22/2018 9:33 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
It's really stunning that some Trump supporters are now saying that the few pictures the public has seen involving child separations were "photo shopped", even though it was Trump's own government that issued those pictures.Gee it sure seems like the phrase "Trump Supporters" can often accurately be...
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44. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/21/2018 4:58 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Like I just said Sylvester, you are so ignorant that you don't even know that Americans just witnessed Trump spending more than a week TELLING HIS LIE that he had nothing to do with the Child Separation Policy, even though Trump's Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, stated that Trump's policy was to...
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45. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/21/2018 9:24 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Sylvester, Your Statement About Our POTUS Obviously Means That You're Proud That President Trump Was Proven To Have Acted As A COWARD, Since Americans Repeatedly Witnessed Him Denying Responsibility For HIS OWN Child Separation Policy.Americans now know that President Trump and his sadly obedient la...
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46. RE: Charlotte Stokely Posted 6/20/2018 11:31 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
BTW, fellow g/g fans, Charlotte Stokely has a RED HOT SCENE with Malena Morgan (IMO, a lady that was surely 1 of g/g's most enthusiastic & natural performers, who ever lived), as well as this scene featuring young cutie Aurielee Summers, in a highly erotic 3-way g/g tryst from "We Live Together 29",...
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47. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/20/2018 8:06 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Before President Trump Even Began Implementing His Policy Of Child Separation At Our Southern Border, General Kelly Said That The Trump Administration Was Moving Toward The Use Of Child Separation To Deter People From Crossing That Border.So folks, most Americans are aware that it's just one more of...
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48. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/19/2018 11:41 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Why Anon's Belief That Trump Will Win 40 States In 2020 Is A DELUSIONIn spite of President Trump's recent small gains in public approval, the average of the many surveys shows that Trump is still only supported by a proportion of Americans that is a couple points LOWER than the 46% of the popular vo...
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49. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/8/2018 1:53 PM by LovesWomenFrenching
Trump's obedient support of the NRA, after these school massacres, has made the odds of him being re-elected (If Mueller's final report doesn't kill Trump politically, before 2020) a lot slimmer than those odds were, just 5 months ago.But I'll have a lot more to say about that after I speak to some...
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50. RE: The Presidency of Donald Trump Posted 6/8/2018 7:54 AM by LovesWomenFrenching
Although Trump Fans Automatically Fall For His Most Absurd Claims, That Lack Supporting Evidence, Fortunately For America, Key Republicans, Like Ryan, Gowdy, & Christie, Sure Know Better Than That!Yup, 2 days ago, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, joined Trey Gowdy in blowing apart Trump's ridiculous...
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