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1. Love their expressions Posted 7/6/2018 9:46 AM by divelow
Their expressions are so sexy.
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2. You have to see this Posted 4/24/2018 4:26 PM by divelow
Hats off to JAV producers.
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3. RE: JAV Lesbian Deep Kissing Posted 4/20/2018 5:13 PM by divelow
Like to add to this.
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4. RE: JAV lesbians Posted 4/5/2018 4:22 PM by divelow
Try this again.
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5. JAV lesbians Posted 4/5/2018 4:20 PM by divelow
Hope you like these.
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6. Kitty Jung Posted 3/13/2018 11:33 AM by divelow
Does anyone know if Kitty Jung is still living. I seen somewhere that she passed back in 2005. Is that true. She was an awesome performer with lots of energy for such a petite girl.
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7. RE: Need more JAV Posted 2/27/2018 1:31 PM by divelow
Lets try this again.
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8. RE: Need more JAV Posted 2/27/2018 1:22 PM by divelow
More for our viewing pleasure.
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9. Two Asian diido scene Posted 1/13/2018 9:47 AM by divelow
This is a long shot but looking for a scene with two Asian girls doing each other with a dildo. In this scene one of the girls creams while she's being worked on with the dildo. Both are on the couch. The girl who creams is so sexy with a grate look and body. She had fake boobs. These girls are Amer...
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10. Lesbia & Girlsway worth paying Posted 12/26/2017 12:57 PM by divelow
Anyone know if sites Lesbea.com & Girlsway are worth paying for and are those sites safe.
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11. RE: Need more JAV Posted 9/12/2017 4:26 PM by divelow
RE-ZU-Bian 10
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12. The three who made lesbians scenes an art of beauty Posted 9/11/2017 9:00 PM by divelow
1st have to say Sharon Mitchell brought it to the for front with the many early day lesbian scenes.2nd Erica Boyer was the most creative and made it artiscally sexy. True lesbian. 3rd Barbara Dare made it so sexy with her good looks. Erica and Barbara the two best.
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13. Need help on this one (Sexy cream shot) Posted 9/11/2017 8:50 PM by divelow
I'd say back in the late 80's or early 90s there was a scene can't remember if it was a twosome or threesome lesbian where the girls are in bed and one of the girls was asian fingering a blond. While fingerings the blonde the blonde starts to cum creaming all over the Asians hand. The asian girl sta...
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14. RE: top 10 best breasts in porn, all time. Posted 8/17/2017 4:24 PM by divelow
If we are talking porn stars one of my fav's was Barbra Dare. Not much into size but shape with some nice aureola that are not to dark. Ginger Lynn had some nice ones as well. Have to say JAV stars have some awesome looking woman with perfect breast.
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15. RE: Uncensored Tribbing JAV Posted 7/26/2017 4:30 PM by divelow
Are you a fan and collector of JAV?
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